Granite State Running Team

About our Granite State Running Team Club

We are a group of runners of all ages and abilities who meet every Tuesday at 5:30 PM at Memorial Field in Concord, New Hampshire from April through October. The word "racing" can be deceiving as we are actually a running training club that is open to anyone; whether you are a new runner who is looking for training advice and like-minded friends or whether you are a seasoned athlete. 

You are welcome to try a few weekly workouts first before deciding if you officially want to become a member of the Granite State Running Team (GSRT). Club members benefit from access to professional coaching services and generous discounts to local retailers.  Learn more on 


GSRT has an annual membership fee of $45 for individuals, and $65 for families. Your membership will help to offset the club's insurance expense required for using Memorial Field, for coaching services, and to support our annual race: the Boys & Girls Club Granite State 10 Smiler. Team announcements and the weekly workout is emailed to all members. 

Our Coach


Amber Ferreira is a well-known International pro triathlete who is also a personal trainer and physical therapist at Concord Hospital. She studied and competed at Northeastern University and has since earned many top finishes including: U.S. Snowshoe Championship Race top female finisher and Ironman Lake Placid first pro female champion. 

Amber designs a different workout each week that can be customized for an easier or more intense workout depending on your current physical ability and personal goals.  

A Typical Tuesday night practice

5:15-5:35, warm up, dynamic stretches. These are active movements such as lunges and leg swings designed to safely warm-up muscles.

5:40-6:15 track or field workout. These typically involve a mix of speed intervals intentionally arranged.

6:10-6:25 core. These are strength building exercises such as planks and bicycle kicks which can prevent injury and improve posture.