The 10 Mile Blog

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." - Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss inspired us when we were young just as the Boys & Girls Club plays an essential inspirational role in the lives of countless children and families today. The organization shows them that they can live healthy and active lives despite circumstance.

We are a group of volunteers who love our home of Concord, New Hampshire. We have forested parks, paved paths, miles and miles of safe sidewalks, gorgeous views of rivers and working farms, and an entire community that embraces outdoor endurance sports. We volunteer to host the Granite State 10 Miler to raise donations for the Boys & Girls Club and to invite all to run with us or cheer our runners along this challenging yet rewarding course.

10 Miles! Are you nuts?!    or    10 Miles, no sweat! 

Who cares? Thanks for reading and sharing our blog.

The Granite State Racing Team, a training group for all abilities that meets every Tuesday from April to October in Concord, is led by coach and professional athlete Amber Ferreira. She has prepared a training schedule for anybody who wants to make the Annual Granite State 10-Smiler for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Concord their goal race. This plan is proven, as we've been following it for the better part of 10 years now, AND you are sure to make tons of like-minded friends. If you… read more
We were able to spend a couple hours with the young and wise at the Concord Boys & Girls Club. These kids literally run all the time. Since they don’t stop moving, who better to ask running advice from? They eagerly fidget and bounce around when they are asked to stay still, and they are teeming with smiles when they are given the space and place to vent their excitement for life in general. We can all learn a lot from these kids. If you are a runner, please register for the 6th Annual… read more
Concord Parks & Recreation shared their top 5 trail runs with us so for people who don’t understand the appeal of nature, let me shed some sunlight on that for you: You can fart freely and no one will judge you more than usual.  The Japanese call it forest bathing. For real! It’s a thing. It’s aka Shinrin-Yoku and I think it has something to do with a bunch of Japanese yoga people running naked through the forest.  You can hallucinate without any substance! It usually is of sparkling… read more
Concord is heating up!! According to STRAVA Labs, Portsmouth, Hanover, and Concordare the brightest spots in New Hampshire followed by Keene and Manchester. We always knew that we are bright and special. These images are according to the runners who run with their phones or gadgets strapped to their bodies and are tech geeks who love data. Well, we love them too because they are shining the way for the most popular loops in town. We can share these hot routes easily using another valuable… read more
What time is it on the International Space Station? When you get used to traveling 5 miles per second, do you get "un-motion" sickness when you get back on Earth for the first time? Do you wear sunblock up there? Do you always feel bizzare because of the constant full moon? How do you elevate your legs after running the Boston Marathon when you are in space? If you have questions for an International Space Station Commander - not just any Space Commander... one that has run the 2007 Boston… read more
To many families in New Hampshire, there are few resources to help provide an affordable, safe place for their kids after school or during the summer. They need a place that can surround their children with role models who can help them academically, socially, and nutritionally. Many people may not realize that to some struggling households, the Boys & Girls Club of Central New Hampshire provides the only full meal that some children receive throughout the day and this is the place where… read more
We have a coach! Oh yes we do! I think that makes us officially official. Amber Ferreira is our ultra-running, Kona Ironman competing, 2014 U.S. snowshoe racing champion winning, blogging, tree-climbing, most encouraging, highly entertaining fearless leader. Her laugh is so contagious and even though she has the skillset to put most of this planet to shame, she does the absolute opposite. She has helped hundreds of us over the past couple of years to literally go from the couch to our own… read more
The New Hampshire Grand Prix is a bunch of road races selected for the running clubs of New Hampshire to compete against each other in a series of road races from March to October. Casual runners sign up for a couple of them to try to pick up a few points for their local team, and a big handful of hardcore, highly motivated, committed runners sign up for ever single race in the series in pursuit of serious bragging rights (and a totally awesome jacket or something of the sorts). Our official… read more